Culture That Rocks: A Book Review (of sorts)

Jim Knight 3 Final small

Full disclosure: I know Jim Knight, and he’s one of my favorite people on Earth. The fact that he’s written a book—Culture That Rocks—and I think it kicks ass has not been persuaded by our bro hugs whenever we find ourselves in the same room in the same city.

However, there is a “Typography/Fonts” sub-section in one of the chapters of Culture That Rocks. That’s the written equivalent of cooking me dinner and serving bourbon as the appetizer, so I will make that admission.

As another matter of disclosure, I have no idea how to write a book review. Do I dissect it chapter by chapter, paragraph by paragraph? Do I write it like a grade school book report? Do I offer my own, perhaps different, opinion of the author’s ideas?

I’m going with “no” on all three of those questions.

That’s because for me—and maybe for you—the truly great books are the ones that make me think beyond what the title suggests. That’s what Culture That Rocks did to me. Based on the cover alone, Jim’s book might have you believe it’s generally for leaders of organizations, and specifically for HR and Training departments. While this is all certainly true, this book strikes me as something else.

This is a book for anyone who is, has been, or will be an employee. This book is for anyone who is, has been, or will play a role in life.

It had me looking at jobs past and considering why or why not those places worked for me. It has me now considering what I can do better for my own team. And, most interesting to me, it has me considering my personal life.

There’s one paragraph in particular that made me pause in my reading, and shaped everything I read before and after:

“Earlier, I generalized the amazingly unique people I’ve met and worked with during my career as the crazy ones. I suggested that they were perhaps ‘broken’ in some way. I do not see this as negative; I just think we are all a little broken on the inside and are just looking for a place that accepts us for the way we are …”

It’s that kind of honesty and realization that had me involuntarily nodding my head in agreement, page after page, as I switched from applying it to both professional and personal experiences.

It’s that kind of active application that makes us better in everything we touch … or, in Jim Knight’s words, everything we rock.

Now, excuse me while I forward that “Typography/Fonts” section to a few people I know.

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