Sunday Morning


You hear people complain about Mondays. You see commercials about Wednesdays. You take part in celebrations on Fridays.

Then, there’s Sunday morning.

There are few times during our week like any given Sunday morning. There’s an unspoken freedom to a Sunday morning, an understanding between you and the rest of the world that this time, this moment, is yours.

Yet, in those times of solitude, I can’t help but wonder what others are doing.

Do they have a Sunday morning routine? Is that when they clean the place, do the laundry, go grocery shopping for the week? Are they using that silence to get some actual work done, are they curled up on the couch watching CBS Sunday Morning? Are they getting dressed in their Sunday best? Are they going for a hike? Are they using this moment to write? Are they making sure their fantasy line-up is set for the week?

So many questions. And for the record, I do/have done all those things.

The thing is, I have yet to find an answer that doesn’t revolve around intimacy. And that’s what I love about Sunday morning. The intimacy of it all.

If you’re not finding the intimacy in it, I encourage you to look closer. If you’re not finding the intimacy in it, I encourage you to make time for it. If you’re not finding the intimacy in it, you’re not making the music that your heart tells you to make.

It’s heavy-handed stuff for a Sunday morning, especially when you’re talking about things like dirty jeans and crumbs on the stove. But, it’s a chance to get lost in becoming you, and it happens once every single week, and we don’t get those chances very often, so you won’t convince me that Sunday morning is just trivial.

Besides, as proper motivation for making Sunday morning Sunday morning, I once saw this quote:

“I pay in kisses, cuddles, nakedness and Sunday dinner.”

Do with that what you will … and should.

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  1. yikesmaster

     /  September 16, 2014

    Love it. ANd you’re right. Sunday is magical <3.


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