The First Date

Tomorrow, I’m going on a first date. I would say it’s going to be of the blind variety, but I’ve seen pictures of her. She’s pretty.

Others have always had good things to say about her. At worst, she’s gotten an average review. At best, I’ve heard she’s the only company worth keeping. And in at least one fictional world, she’s encouraged daily to “stay classy.”

I have a date with San Diego.

It’s a five-day first date, and I’m not sure how it’s going to end. Am I going to kiss her when it’s over and begin making plans for the next meeting, or will it be an ass-out hug all the way home?

Fine. It’s just me visiting a city for the first time. But it might as well be a first date with the careful choosing of clothing (should I pack a tie?), the double-checking of personal grooming accessories (sufficient supply of deodorant), and ensuring various forms of payment (credit, debit and two dollars) are easily accessible before leaving the house.

I’m going into it with an open mind. I’m going to listen carefully to what she has to say. I’m going to notice the effect she has on me. I’m going to tell her good night, and I’m going to see her when she wakes up in the morning.

Because while it was the influence of others that brought me to this place, keeping my eyes open is what will bring me back.

I wonder what she’ll think of this shirt…

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  1. Hannah Alyse

     /  August 14, 2012

    Such a beautiful way to write of a visit to a new city. San Diego can be wonderful! I had so much fun when I (briefly) lived there! Wishing you a fantastic first date 😉

  2. San Diego is great! I’m sure you two will have a fabulous time! And there’s probably no need for a tie…she’s very laid-back. 😉

  3. I’m quite positive she’ll love your shirt!


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