Word play, and she made you look

Word Play sketch

Not everyone has a way with words. And that’s okay, because that’s the way it is. However, that doesn’t mean—fellas—we can’t be better when it comes to word play.

So easy to mold. So easy to shape.

What I’m getting ready to share is not to be used with misguided intentions. It’s simple in its (re)arrangement. It’s subtle to the point of not being consciously recognized.

But, she will notice. As she tends to do.

The next time your girl is wearing something that catches your eye, I ask you to say—without any expectation of anything other than a display of publicly acceptable recognition—these words:

“That looks great on you.”

… instead of …

“You look great in that.”

See what happened there? I told you. Simple. Subtle. So easy to mold. So easy to shape.

She’ll like the former much better than the latter. Here’s why:

  • You’re recognizing she’s gorgeous in, and out of, whatever she’s wearing. The clothes don’t make her look great. It’s she who makes the clothes—or lack thereof—look great.
  • You’re reinforcing her fashion sense and letting her know it made you look. It’s not easy to make a buying decision when you’re trying to please two people instead of one. Make no mistake—she buys those clothes partly for your benefit.
  • It’s nice and it’s thoughtful and, when said the right way, damn sexy. She likes that shit.

Like I said, don’t use this knowledge with misguided intentions. Your only intention should be sincerity. If it isn’t, she will notice.

As she tends to do.

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  1. genesismeranda

     /  June 13, 2012

    Soo true.

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