Clock Blocking

Clock Blocked

When you start hitting on a girl, you’re officially on the clock. There are no timeouts and there is no overtime. Not in this game.

I’ve watched so many guys continue to press—long after time has expired—either not realizing the girl isn’t interested, or unwilling to accept “no” for an answer. And I’m not even talking about the pursuit of sex.

I’m talking about the pursuit of a relationship.

If the spark isn’t there, it simply isn’t there. But when it is there, both parties know it when they see it because they both get uncomfortable in a good way.

So, why pursue when there’s nothing to pursue, after the clock shows zeros?

Maybe part of it is the belief she’s playing, “hard to get,” a game that a) guys know exist, b) not all girls play and c) is a ridiculous game in the first place. Playing hard to get tells me a) you’re not interested, b) you’re not interested and c) you’re not interested. And, I bet a bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel that I’m not the only guy who sees it that way.

Or, it could be that some guys inherently feel it’s okay to continue pursuit in spite of the signals suggesting otherwise. Maybe they think it’s a game, and maybe part of them actually enjoys it. In cases such as these, they need to be clock blocked.

Clock blocking is when a girl enlists the help of a friend—girl or guy—to help the pursuer understand that the alarm went off a long time ago. I’ve been the blocker (and admittedly, the blockee) before … literally placing myself between the girl and the guy when there was no space to be found. Dude was not happy. But he got the message.

By the way, this goes both ways. Some girls need to be clock blocked, too.

I’m not saying the pursuit isn’t fun or that it shouldn’t exist, because it should. It’s all part of the play. What I’m suggesting is that the time frame of the pursuit is much shorter than we think. Seriously. It doesn’t take long to recognize attraction when it’s there.

The clock is always ticking, people. Remember that.

And don’t make me clock block you.

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